Ryan’s Rose’s

Authors note

English is not my first language, prepare to dance through a few mispronunciations and misspellings.

It has become a morning routine to listen to 102.7 while driving the children to school.

Ryan Seacrest and his lovely team are taking calls from various listeners that call in concerned about their other half potentially cheating on them.

The idea behind it is, to call the person offer them dozen roses for free and to send it to anyone of their choice and add a note if they wish.

The radio host pretend they work in a flower shop that has just opened up in the area and that they have selected this particual individual to promote their new shop by giving him free flowers.

Meanwhile the significant other is listening on the other end, to find out the truth and if their suspicion was indeed correct.

Questioning: are they cheating?

Sometimes the results are spot on and other times just a small misnderstanding.

I feel for all of them while waiting, knowing they are on the other end listening patiently, most likely nervous.

I find myself anxious for them as we wait to hear what the other person will say.

It has become somewhat an inspiration for me to listen to.

As strange as it might sound, it’s a little therapeutic!

I think partly, because it has helped me to realize I’m not the only one out there who questioned these things over the years.

Often when you question these things you feel dumb,alone and insecure.

Especially if you’re called neurotic or over the top jealous for suggesting anything could be wrong..

If everything was normal we wouldnt question anything, right?

In any case, this talk show has opened my eyes up and has made me question lots of things:

Does anyone have values anymore?

Are we supposed to drift apart after a certain amount of time, not work on the relationship but simply walk away to keep our sanity?

Is it easier to just simply move on then deal with all the nonsense that comes in a relationship?

Maybe we are not meant to stay together?

We leave our own nest usually after college, who wants to deal with family members after the fact, right?

We all seek independence and try to grow up, “sometimes a little to fast”.

In my case I fell in love at 19 years old and got married a year later.

Not much individual growing, we lasted 23 years and have 4 amazing kids to be grateful for.

I don’t regret any of my years with my husband, the anger and hurt I had when we seperated is all gone now, you can say I have grown up a bit since.

The answer to any of the questions I have asked myself over time is:

It’s Individual!

No judgment coming from this lady!

Live your life to the fullest!

Make the choice that makes sense for you!

Just try to be honest with the other should you choose to bail out!

This mornings scenario was probably the most disturbing one that I have heard so far.

Even Ryan was besides himself!

This guy confessed on the radio that the woman he had called his sister for the last two years was actually his ex…

Meanwhile his girlfriend had become good friends with her, as a matter of fact they spent lots of time together all three of them.

He also confessed he had hooked up with her every so often! that he loved her and wanted her in his life as well.

Clearly they should never have dragged this new girl into their mess of unfinished business, a little twisted I must say!

The irony was: that he said it with such calmness, such indifference that he might as well have said: I’ll have another cup of coffee!! no emotion, no sense of regret? just like it was the most normal thing in the world..

The girl friend equally acted nonchalant when hearing this..

Ryan questioned afterwards if this was all just a fake set up?

It was so surreal, off the wall nuts!

Who knows, the girlfriend could have been in a trance or in shock hearing that her last two years were all based on lies! not being able to process the facts that had been put in front of her.

I’m not sure what my reaction would have been?

Regardless it made everyone listening in on the radio think:

How on earth did he pull it off for two whole years?

Or what sick person plays this kind of games?

In the end there is no answer to any of it.

Just that silent question lingering:

Who can you trust?

When I went through my hardest times during my separation, the one thing I never lost was hope.

It helped me to move on.

The only advice I can give to all women and men that seek love and happiness is to never give up hope and your own believesstay true to yourself, don’t settle for anything that wont give you the ultimate feeling of content.

No one can take that away from you…

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